We Want YOU In The Game!

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That’s right, we want your YouTube username to be in Oracle Wars, the new game Dstcoyote22 and I are making! Just watch this video for details:



The Legend of Zelda: Oracle Wars

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The new game Dstcoyote22 and I are working on is called: “The Legend of Zelda Oracle Wars”. Instead of stick figure sprites, we are using normal, detailed sprites to better represent Warriors of Hyrule. The game will be a mix of Warriors of Hyrule, Phantom Mascot, and The Twin Links in terms of story (all videos we’ve made). That’s all I will really reveal at the moment.

Click this this link to take a look at some screenshots! I’ve added a page with over 30 of them!

Back From The Dead?

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Man, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here! You may ask yourself: “JMAP, why would you be posting on such an old site that nobody really visits, anymore?”. Well, I’ll give you the answer. Recently, Dstcoyote22 and I have been working on a new game. By now, there is, obviously, nobody checking up this site, regularly. Though, I wanted to throw a post or two up about the new game for anyone that may end up stumbling across this site. Most of the little traffic that’s coming in is most likely searching for Stick Fantasy RPG, and I want to let those few people know that a newer game is coming and that (hopefully) I’ll be posting more about it as time goes on! Stay tuned!


Stick Fantasy RPG is HERE!!!!!!!

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Just click on “Stick Fantasy RPG – The Game” that’s in the list of pages to the right of this post and you’ll be on your way to downloading our new game!

Also, check out the review made by Zeypherlink here!

New stuff Coming!

•March 9, 2009 • 1 Comment

Hey guys, there will be new stuff coming in the coming days to hold you guys over.

Here is a list of coming stuff that we will be releasing.

  • 8-Bit Music Room: We’ve been converting many midi songs and turning them into 8-bit songs. Some of these can already be heard on our youtube channel, but in the coming days, you will be able to listen and download these songs from our site!
  • Stick Fantasy RPG teasers: There will be several videos about it, mainly teasers. There will be a special commercial made that will announce the game being released. Keep your eyes ready!
  • Dstcoyote Rants – Nintendo/ Casual Gaming: Wait, isn’t Zelda a Nintendo thing? well yes, but there are other reasons why we think Nintendo is dropping the ball and turning into something that hardcore game fans despise, and that is becoming too casual. The rant will be availible on youtube sometime this month.


•February 27, 2009 • 1 Comment

They did it again! The 3 minute commercial thingy that advertised about the game and Warriors of Hyrule has had its audio blocked because of me using Dark Chest of Wonders by Nightwish.

THAT COMMERCIAL BARELY GETS ANY VIEWS, let alone it’s really only been seen by those who follow us, so I find it hard to believe that a big time company wants to shut down a video that got only 204 views total. This is totally an attack by some idiot loser who thinks he has the right to do this, all because of the ability to be anonymous while filing a claim.

Well, if they did it again to a thing that simply ADVERTISES us, then one day all the rest of our videos will be taken off eventually because many of them have music under Warner, most notably Metallica.

Sure, our videos will always be hosted here, but its the wide audience I’m worried about. Slowly, but surely, youtube is turning into backyardwrestling-cellphone-emoslutvideos.com


•February 17, 2009 • 6 Comments

Remember how there was a copyright claim from Warner over Episode Five having Iron Maiden? Well it turns out that Iron Maiden is NOT released under  Warner, and I disputed the claim due to this information, and the claim has been removed!


Either Warner Music Group was abusing their power over a song they don’t actually own, or some idiot was trying to screw with me. Either way, I still hate WMG for ruining youtube and being complete babies over people being creative. If anyone knows the person who did a fake copyright claim on my video, please kill him for me!