Wind Waker Link and his many tunics!

Here we go. I call the first one grandpa Link and the second I think you know. The other ones don’t have names.



~ by JMAP on September 19, 2007.

8 Responses to “Wind Waker Link and his many tunics!”

  1. I think I like Grandpa Link the best. But then, I’ve always really liked people with gray/white hair. (Like my grandparents) I hope I don’t go bald, ’cause when I get old that’s the kind of hair I want!

    The color shifts look nice on all of them. Link really does look good in any kind of clothing 😉

  2. 😀 toon link

  3. […] If not, go here. […]

  4. Hmmm, There Are 2 Purple Tunics.
    The Brown One’s Wierd.
    The Black Dosen’t Resemble Dark Link Propely.

  5. More Ideas:
    Silver Link
    Goden Link
    Rainbow Link
    Azure Link

  6. ….
    Wtf is with the pink link????
    I mean, come on…. -_-#

  7. ….
    Wtf is with the pink link????
    I mean, come on…. -_-#

  8. i think link looks charming in all these colors!! and fyi billy there aren’t 2 purple tunics, 1 is pale pink!

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl link has 6 tunic colors: green, red, blue, lilac, brown, and black with red eyes. i suggest you go with the last 2; that wood be awesome

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