Something to post

Hello. Nothing has been posted here for quite awhile. So I just thought I could advertise this one Forum I’m going to! Actually, I will advertise they’re Forum AND they’re site! You know what the thing is?

They are our affiliate! Yep, you know it, Want Midna Back is a great Zelda community! They are trying to get Nintendo to make Midna be in the next (next) Zelda game! They aren’t giving up till that wish is fulfilled! I recommend you go to this site if you a Midna fan, or a Zelda fan in general! They’re nice and you will have fun I grantee it!

~Shadow Luigi


~ by Elven Warrior on July 1, 2008.

5 Responses to “Something to post”

  1. Midna will not be in the next Zelda game. The Mirror of Twilight was shattered.

    Plus, Midna was a stupid character.

  2. midna was kinda stupid, i agree

  3. Remember what she said about the coin? That both worlds were two sides to a coin? Also, Anouma said that if enough people want her back, the only thing he CAN do is put he back in.

  4. Stop ruining this you guys! Way to crush a sites dreams! Knock that off now!

  5. Sl, i must admit, midna WAS bad character. its just an opinion.

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