Ahhh- Summer

Everyone enjoying their summer?

I definitely am (although I wish it was winter again — less sunlight = happier dstcoyote22 😀 ), but perhaps I’m enjoying it too much. I must admit I’ve been pretty lazy lately, and I’ve barely gotten any work done for the next video project.

Well, I owe you guys something for my laziness, so here it is:

The official title of the next video project is: Legend of Zelda – Warriors of Hyrule. It is a continuation to Twin Links, and it will take more than one published youtube video to fill in the space.

That’s it for now. Feel free to crack the whip at me if you must 🙂


~ by dstcoyote22 on July 4, 2008.

13 Responses to “Ahhh- Summer”

  1. What’s the maximum lenght of one video?

  2. Heh heh, lucky for you. I’m still doing school in Summer. Way to keep a good grade.

  3. @Mario

    YouTube only allows videos up to 10 minutes long, so when the day comes, I’ll need to publish more than one video to release all the material.

    Now, I will make a special version that goes completely through without stopping to be released at other places.

  4. I’ve seen videos that were sometimes 14 minutes. Can you buy benefits (like longer videos), the way that WordPress and DevArt allow benefit purchases?

    Also, YouTube might be in a bit of trouble. Remember that Viacom crap you guys went through before? You had to take it down becuase of copyright infringement. They’re doing the same thing again, but in court. And if the judge sees that YouTube is used mostly for stuff like that, they might be sentanced to shut down the server and thus YouTube forever.

  5. Yah, you can have em longer if you have an account protected by a grandfather clause (before they put that rule in effect)

    If they shut down youtube forever, we’d lose all our audience 😦

    They need to stop being babies about legal issues, I’m so sick of the whole, “hey they are looking at it for free, stop em!” type of bullcrap. YT should have the stuff available for watching that can otherwise only be bought at a flea market in the middle of Green River, Utah.

  6. part of the reason i moved to dailymotion 😉

  7. So, are you going to put some of that “Music” in it?

  8. *Cracks whip*
    Good to hear the Twin Links is being added onto!

  9. Now that wasn’t very nice. 😛

  10. “in the middle of Green River, Utah.”

    Why that particular flea market? 😉

    Don’t worry, there are plenty of video hosting sites. And if worse comes to worse, you can host off of WordPress, can’t you?

  11. Speaking of summer, its the best time for linking games across the world! 😉

  12. Yeah pretty much. I’m still training you know! I’m having a hard time leveing up though. ^_^’ But needless to say, I’m spamming.

    Along as videos go for this blog, I hope to see them greater then ever. Good music, actions, opinions, all I request to see. And you guys will surely do it and pull through!

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