People still like 1 and 2 best and it drives us nuts! Not anymore though…

Well, as Jordan and I were talking, we’ve been wondering why the older episodes are way better received than the episodes we’ve been recently calling “superior.” After some deep searching we’ve come up with some reasons why Episodes One and Two are thought of so well.

DesertCoyote says:

I must admit, even when we think of Episode One (the remade version that is, screw bad version), we do think, “oh yeah!” a lot. Then we think of Three and Four and we’re thinking, “Man, what the heck happened?!”

Well, here is what happened:

  1. Episodes One and Two are just plain funnier! – Considering the line between humor and action sequences, even the action/suspense/fight parts are funny in the first two, where as in Three, Four, and Five, the action parts are dead serious, and due to the quality of the animation, even in Twin Links, the action parts become rather stale if they don’t keep the audience member interested. In fact, a good longtime friend of Jordan’s stopped watching Twin Links half way through because he wasn’t as interested.
  2. Three, Four, and Five were not a bad idea in terms of seriousness and more storytelling, but we put the humor as kind of a side dish and not the main course – I mean, if people want action, they’ll go rent Terminator or watch Star Wars a dozen times, not a fan made video done in Adobe Photoshop. There are even videos made by Flash that aren’t funny, but their animation is so excellent and entertaining that it rivals Hollywood. We’ve realized that our speciality hasn’t been the animation or the storytelling. Our specialty is the comedy writing, not animation, which we think should just be icing on the cake now. Our animation is good (at least we think so) but not meant to amaze people, just be able to let people know what the heck is going on.
  3. The humor happens while the action goes on in One and Two (and to some extent, Five), but not in any other videos – For example, the chase sequence to Episode One is considered action, but it still cracks us up especially with Purple Link and the Guards. The action in Episode Two, like the part where we pretend the video is malfunctioning still cracks us up; even the horrible Pivot in Episode Two is still funny because it’s bad. But we look at the battle sequences in Three and Four, and not only are they not funny, but they seem rushed and almost too depressing. Then we look at Twin Links. Sure, the visuals are way better, but it still doesn’t have the classic stick fantasy feel, plus it’s like we are waiting for something to make us laugh, but it may not happen.
  4. We assure ourselves that our best work is always the most recent, when in reality, our best work is always what gets the most well received – Not to put down Twin Links or Phantom Mascot, those videos do have qualities in them that are far superior. Twin Links is good because of the animation, but like Episodes 3, 4, and 5, it gets stale and doesn’t keep the audience member as interested. It’s like I made the funny stuff an afterthought. Episode Three has the best build up we’ve ever done, but then it goes downhill because the build up leads to something rather crummy and NOT funny. Episode Four is far too serious and dramatic, and even though we rushed Episode Four, it’s like we forgot to add in the humor. Episode Five is an exception though, because in our opinion it retains the humor seen in the first two, but still has that serious edge that three and four have, but not as much.

To sum this all up, what we’re saying is: Funny, and ONLY funny, puts audience members in the seats, trying too hard to add our fiction story lines and trying too hard to amaze people with lackluster adobe photoshop animation makes people say: “that was good, but not as good as the first two.”

What does this have to do with Warriors of Hyrule? Well, everything! We want a video better received than what we call the classics, so that just means one thing: MAKE IT FUNNIER!!!!!!!!! STOP TRYING TO MAKE YOUR VIDEOS OSCAR WORTHY!!!!!! I definitely want the animation to be better, but this time we’re not going to try to amaze people with visuals, just use them to show the humor.

JMAP says:



~ by dstcoyote22 on July 16, 2008.

12 Responses to “People still like 1 and 2 best and it drives us nuts! Not anymore though…”

  1. ditto heh heh

  2. Ditto I agree! Episode I and II were a lot better then your newer videos (no offense).

  3. Yah.
    What the first one had was that ironic humor, y’know? Like when one of the Links put the playboy or w/e in front of the guards to distract them, but Purple Link went over and was looking at it too. That part made me laugh my ass off, same with the “yo momma” contest.

    The newer ones do have a lot better animations, though.

  4. No offense taken SL, 🙂

  5. That is good. And yes I agree with Zeypherlink, I liked those parts. Maybe because they didn’t have the Zelda feeling?

  6. LOL ‘Yo Momma’

    Well put DST…and JMAP… XD

  7. I agree with Zeypherlink, it’s great that you’ll return to the humor of the original PMs.

  8. Mercenary of Light, Phantom Mascot was newly released. They never existed till now. You are probably thinking of “Stick-Fantasy Series”.

  9. It’s okay SL, I know what he was talking about, Merc has always called the stick videos the “PMs”

  10. I wonder why. They never existed till now.

  11. PM has stick figures. other than that idk

  12. Sorry I left the “for” after original. Like DST said, I always thought Phantom mascot was a new name for the Stick Fantasy series, until last week when I saw Phantom Mascot 1, which was good. 😆

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