Remember how there was a copyright claim from Warner over Episode Five having Iron Maiden? Well it turns out that Iron Maiden is NOT released under  Warner, and I disputed the claim due to this information, and the claim has been removed!


Either Warner Music Group was abusing their power over a song they don’t actually own, or some idiot was trying to screw with me. Either way, I still hate WMG for ruining youtube and being complete babies over people being creative. If anyone knows the person who did a fake copyright claim on my video, please kill him for me!



~ by Anthony Perkic on February 17, 2009.

6 Responses to “HAHA! WE WIN!”

  1. it’s too bad that people abuse the anonymous report system :/

  2. Yeah, bunch of wankers!

  3. Haha! Iron Maiden’s label is EMI; I don’t know how you found out, but it seems a bored no-life loser was jealous of our talent and had even more extra time in his hands.

  4. I was really skeptical about the claim, considering that the video was up for an entire year and a half before it gets blocked. So, I checked for the list of labels that Iron Maiden was listed under, and none of them seemed to connect to anything by WMG, but of course they did connect EMI. Then I checked list of WMG artists, and Iron Maiden wasn’t on any list. I simply decided to dispute this claim stating “There is no evidence that Iron Maiden is under Warner’s control, I believe Iron Maiden is released under EMI and not Warner.” I knew full well that I risked our channel getting deleted, but unlike most claims, this one was proving to be bullshit after all.

  5. the time it took to claim I don’t find suspicious, except maybe someone reported it. With who did you dispute the claim?

    I noticed I mistyped the your as our. 😛

  6. True, it was only recently that the issue between Warner and Youtube came to light, and so many people were affected by it anyway, not just us.

    Youtube gave me several options, one to audioswap (swap the audio with stuff allowed by youtube that sucks, not to mention I couldn’t re-edit the sound effects), mute the audio (yeah, really exciting), or delete the video. I was unwilling to do those choices, and so the search began.

    The fourth option was to dispute the claim with youtube, which makes the video “temporarily” available to watch until the person that claimed the video took further action. The problem though, is that the claimer could’ve demand to get my account deleted, and I braced for the worst. But because I saw the information I found out as legitimate, I sent my claim to youtube, and it took about a couple weeks before the claim was removed.

    I will truly never know who or what decided to do such a thing, but I still hate Warner for doing this to other people.

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