New stuff Coming!

Hey guys, there will be new stuff coming in the coming days to hold you guys over.

Here is a list of coming stuff that we will be releasing.

  • 8-Bit Music Room: We’ve been converting many midi songs and turning them into 8-bit songs. Some of these can already be heard on our youtube channel, but in the coming days, you will be able to listen and download these songs from our site!
  • Stick Fantasy RPG teasers: There will be several videos about it, mainly teasers. There will be a special commercial made that will announce the game being released. Keep your eyes ready!
  • Dstcoyote Rants – Nintendo/ Casual Gaming: Wait, isn’t Zelda a Nintendo thing? well yes, but there are other reasons why we think Nintendo is dropping the ball and turning into something that hardcore game fans despise, and that is becoming too casual. The rant will be availible on youtube sometime this month.

~ by Anthony Perkic on March 9, 2009.

One Response to “New stuff Coming!”

  1. rants rock XD You should look into ripping a piece out of the DSi XD

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