About JMAP Productions

Hello, this is the blog of JMAP Productions, a mock company that enjoys making simple animations just for the fun of it.

We are composed of Jordan, a twelve year old in Montana, and his twenty year old uncle, Anthony, who lives in California. Jordan’s initials are J.M.A.P., so he wants to be referred by that name. Anthony’s initials are A.E.P. and his nickname is DstCoyote22, but he is okay with people calling him Anthony. JMAP Productions will ALWAYS be the original two.

Jordan has been a die hard Zelda fan since he was born. At age 3, he always begged his uncle Anthony to let him play it on the game boy. Although he did not have a clue what was going on in the game, and he died constantly (much to Anthony’s dismay, who preferred going for the perfect no-death game) , he stayed mesmerized by the game. He has every Zelda game in his collection, and has beaten them all. He believes that Link should be Nintendo’s mascot and not Mario (thus the idea for Episode One of the Stick Fantasy Series). Jordan is also a big Naruto fan, and enjoys Final Fantasy games.

Anthony can be considered a “moderate” Zelda fan. Although he introduced the Zelda games to Jordan on the Game Boy Color, he never wanted to play the 3D games on the N64 and the Gamecube. The reason is because Anthony was always happy with one home console system (The Sega Genesis), no matter how outdated and obsolete it was. Once he got a Sony Playstation (and later the Playstation 2), he became a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid, and got every Metal Gear game in his collection. He is also a big time ice hockey fan, his favorite team is the Anaheim Ducks (but remains a fan of the Los Angeles Kings), and his favorite band is Metallica. Don’t be surprised if anything related to those two things pops up on this blog or in the form of “Posters in the videos” from time to time.

JMAP Productions started out with just J.M.A.P. making a simple video using paint and movie maker when he was bored. Much of it can be seen in Episode One of the Legend of Zelda Stick Fantasy Series. After he made it and had his uncle add music and some editing, he decided to upload it on Google Video, and it was met with mixed comments, some of which were downright rude (but what does one expect with a video made entirely of Microsoft Paint). Other comments gave J.M.A.P. suggestions on how to make it better, such as using Pivot Stick Figure Animator. After some practice, J.M.A.P. and A.E.P. decided to make another video that acted as a sequel to his video on Google Video. After J.M.A.P. got bored with using just Microsoft Paint and nearly quit, A.E.P. stepped in and made a large sequence himself using Photoshop instead of Paint. Then the two then finished the video. What was originally planned was a simple ten minute video; instead, out came a twenty minute long video. And instead of uploading to Google Video, they were uploaded on You Tube and split into two parts. Comments posted were far and in between, and there were not many views, but they were mostly good. The long distance production can be a drag sometimes when we try to send stuff between computers, but we’ve managed to get stuff done. Our videos are basically action oriented but with a lot of jokes and references. We hope you enjoy your stay here and thanks for viewing our blog. Any feedback is appreciated. Also – – – We appreciate all the support we get, so those who we regard as our fans often can get their screen names mentioned in the form of “posters on the walls.” See if your name has a cameo on our next video!

Possible Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What softwares do you use?

A: Currently, we have been using Adobe Photoshop Elements. We feel it makes things such as background design, and frame by frame animation easier. On select scenes in our stick animation videos, we’ve used pivot stick figure animator for more complex fight scenes to decrease the time demand of making them with photoshop. In the earlier days, Jordan used Microsoft Paint, but then found it much easier once he started using photoshop. Also, the editing is done with Windows Movie Maker.

Q: How long does it take to make your videos?

A: That simply depends on when we feel like working on them. We feel that the relaxed method is the best way to do it so that there is little whip cracking involved. Some days see good amounts of progress, while others don’t. A good amount of progress is usually defined by just a few .gif files in a day. Making a .gif animation file that lasts for over two seconds can take over thirty minutes to make depending on the amount of detail needed per frame.

On average, one video takes about two – four months of consistent work. There have been several exceptions.

Q: If the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) came to rate your videos based on content, what would they be rated?

A: They would be rated G. We do NOT have any offensive material, meaning no profanity and/or mature content. We try to make our stuff available to all audiences. Any violence in the video is simply cartoon violence, and all humor is suitable for all audiences.

There have been a couple of instances where profanity is implied by a simple beep, but it is only used for laughs, and whatever word is being said is open to interpretation. The music for the most part is songs from various video game soundtracks. However on rare occasion, some heavy metal songs from bands like Metallica, KMFDM, and Iron Maiden are used, but they are not songs with explicit lyrics, and we very rarely include the singing parts.

Q: Why on most videos are there no Zelda songs or remixes being played?

A: Anthony has usually been in charge of music and sound effects, and he viewed having Zelda songs playing during the whole time is too much like other Zelda fan made videos. Often times, scenes are referencing another game, so that is why there could be music from other game soundtracks such as Metal Gear Solid and Chrono Trigger. At times, there are heavy metal songs being played because Anthony himself is a fan of the genre. Some epic metal songs, he feels, have a Zelda feel to them. Recently, Anthony has been a bit more lenient towards the use of Zelda songs, and likes anything by Zelda ReOrchestrated.


6 Responses to “About JMAP Productions”

  1. you guys rock! i love your videos (username on profile is Nicker44) i was wondering though could you give me some advice/tips on how to use photoshop in general if you get around to it…. But my thanks to you if you help and my praise to you once this 6th episode comes out!

  2. He’s right Nick, one of them will be a stick episode and another will be have people animation.

    And sure! I’ll be glad try to help you!

  3. does adobe elements have some animatin thing? like pivot where you well you know? or do you just redraw the characters like me?

  4. I have a question! i was looking in the ‘Watch our videos now!!!!” and ahhh…. i clicked the movie trailer and nothing happened. help?

  5. Good job guys! I’ve watched some of them. I’m catching up.

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