Remembering A Brother

It pains me to do this, but I feel I must. I am breaking barrier on this site for this post only.

February 12 is the birthday of Jordan’s father, and my oldest brother, Alex.


Alex passed away on June 23, 2007. He had a long illness, a bone cancer called chondrosarcoma, for eleven years. He was thirty three years old.

He is one who achieved his dream of being someone in broadcasting, a news anchor of all people, in the small market of Great Falls, Montana. But things took a turn for the worse starting after Easter of 2006, when the cancer started spreading like California Wildfires all over his body.

He was a loyal sports fan in Southern California, a major fan of the Los Angeles Lakers, Dodgers, and Kings. He also still followed the Rams after they moved from Los Angeles to St. Louis. He was the reason why I got into ice hockey, and no matter where I am with it I will always credit it to him. He was also very close to Jordan, and tried being the best father he could be towards Jordan and his sister, Abby. Lastly, he was a major supporter of JMAP Productions, and immensely enjoyed our earlier videos while he was still alive.


A few hours after he passed on, I stepped outside to process everything that had just happened. It was still dark dark before dawn, and this hospital in downtown Santa Monica had a dark alley due to construction. I looked up and it was foggy overcast, but the city lights below made the overcast above shine a pure yellowish-white. It was as if heaven itself came down and made Alex’s climb not too far for him to reach. He entered a new home, a home without cancer, a home without pain, and a home that someday I will be up there with him again.

Since then, life has never been the same. To this day, I still think about him every day…

This is him in 1996, with his newborn son Jordan. That’s myself at age 8.


This a picture of him in 2005 with Jordan:


And here is one of the last pictures ever taken of him, 17 days before the fateful event. He is visibly sick here, and he needed oxygen tanks. Yet he still had enough strength to go to one last hockey game, the Anaheim Ducks Stanley Cup clinching game. Here he is with from left to right: myself (Anthony), his nephew Simon, brother Andre, and father Simon.


And lastly, a photoshopped picture intended for his memorial service.



10 Responses to “Remembering A Brother”

  1. Thank you for sharing this with us, JMAP, DSTCoyote


    Happy Birthday, Alex.

  2. ………wow…… guys are amazing. It wasn’t announced, and you guys kept going with the site. I know what it’s like, in a way. My grandfather died 7 years ago (as of this march 27th) and it was hell. I got my middle name from this great man. Mario.

  3. Well, we weren’t comfortable with it then. It was such a dramatic event (well, you could say a dramatic 11 years), and it was the first death in the family that I really cared about.

    Even today it’s hard to process it.

    To make such a tumultuous story short, we had two services about a month apart over that summer. The first one in California was hard, but we started to heal a bit, until the service and burial in Montana came, which was like ripping off a scab and watching it bleed.

    Jordan also got one of his middle names from Alex, thus the “A” in J M A P.

  4. y’know, when it happened, I didn’t know how to feel. I didn’t understand death at the time……….them it hit me a week later, and that week was pure hell.

  5. I know this is a bit late, just wanted to see the post, but my gramma died, and I didn’t even want to see the casket it was so sad.

  6. Death sucks.

  7. That sounds horrid. I am deeply sorry on your behalf.

  8. I was testing out the WordPress search engine today and I typed in the word chondrosarcoma (as I am a chondrosarcoma survivor myself) to my utter amazement this blog popped up with Alex on.
    I knew Alex from the Chondrosarcoma Support Group – I am the UK co-moderator. What a lovely man he was – I still miss him greatly. I can’t begin to imagine your feelings of loss.

    You might like to read the tribute I wrote to Alex – find it here:

    Blessings and Peace to you all. Rest in peace Alex.

  9. […] PS: I’m adding this link on the 20th April 2008 – when by chance I came across Alex’s brother’s website and read this lovely tribute to Alex: […]

  10. Love it Anthony Its Abby

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