• The first time you see Link and Ganon fighting (in the third episode of the Stick Fantasy Series) was actually going to be the final fight between them but the file became corrupted and uneditible, so we just decided to use it as a teaser fight and make the actual final fight with another version of pivot.
  • The blond (whatever it really is 😉 ) stripe on Link’s head was supposed to be the line on his hat, (example: but JMAP was confused when the sprite was made so it has been his hair to us ever since.
  • The first video ever made by JMAP is: He got random images offline threw them together and called it a video!
  • JMAP Productions has a video that was never released. It was going to be done as a “solo project for JMAP,” yet he demanded a ton of backgrounds from Anthony. It was going to be just Zelda Reorchestrated songs with a gif. or picture throughout the whole song, and at the end a (somewhat) funny clip on Jordan and Anthony (in stick form) fooling around. The whole point was to simply have the viewer just listen to the songs with “visuals as you listen.” The video was very close to being put on youtube, in fact, Jordan urged Anthony to upload it as fast as possible; however, arguments went on between Anthony and Jordan over a small sequence where Link in stick form “dances,” and in the end the two decided not to release it.
  • The earlier videos: Episode Zero and the first version of Episode 1, were done mainly with paint. When Jordan nearly quit over the reception of Episode Zero on Google video as well as boredom, Anthony took over the next scene, which was one of many Metal Gear sequences, but he used Photoshop instead. Ever since Photoshop was introduced to JMAP Productions, the videos have been better animated ever since 🙂
  • The idea for the title of Twin Links came from a video game called Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes; likewise, the sequel series of videos to Twin Links, Warriors of Hyrule, are based off Metal Gear Solid 2:  Sons of Liberty, the sequel to the first game.
  • In episode 5 of the Stick Fantasy series, initially Link’s hat isn’t filled in and Ganon’s head is bald, but the next scene of the fight they looked different. The reason for this was because that part of the final Ganon fight was nearly the first thing made for that episode, whereas the rest of it was made after it.
  • Twin Links and Phantom Mascot were originally supposed to be released at the same time, but while Dstcoyote22 was hard at work with Twin Links, JMAP stepped aside and simply played World of Warcraft way too much. The first part to Phantom Mascot wasn’t released until several months after Twin Links. As of right now, Phantom Mascot may never be continued due to low number of views and reception.
  • After the bad reception over Jordan’s kid voice in Twin Links, Anthony took over for voices and got a voice changer software, enabling him to voice multiple characters, including women.
  • The Annoying Troll, at first was voiced by Jordan’s cousin and Anthony’s nephew Simon in Twin Links, is now voiced by Anthony using the very same technique used to make voices for Alvin and the Chipmunks: talking really slow then speeding up the recording.


  1. That first movie JMAP made was actually pretty good.

  2. I have the domain name – I bought it from some one a few days back and it looks like you could use it (it seems like you had that domain for a while?).

    I don’t plan to do anything with it and it gets a few hundreds visitors a day. Maybe you can do better with it than I.

    Email me if you are interested

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