Slight url name change

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From this moment on, the site url will forever be known as

The old domain name was taken away after I forgot to renew.

Please help the search engines get to the new address and leave the old one (which has been taken over by one of those lame advertisement search pages) out.

That is all, stay tuned for much more features on the way!


Why YouTube, why?

•January 11, 2009 • 1 Comment

Hey everybody, JMAP here, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, but after what has happened I just HAD to say something. Continue reading ‘Why YouTube, why?’

Legend of Zelda – Warriors of Hyrule PART 1 is here!

•January 8, 2009 • 3 Comments

Zelda Valley is back with a new video!

Wait, what about all the hype and such?

I’m not going to do what I did for Twin Links, which was make a big buildup of it, in the end the result was not what I wanted. All that time was spent building up to a finished product that fell short with below average voice acting, poor sound consistency, very slow pacing, and humor simply feeling like an afterthought. Okay, lets skip the buildup that Twin Links was like and just cut to the chase. After such a long hard process, obstructed by computer issues, issues on the game (which is coming), and plenty of time away from working on this video, Part 1 of Warriors of Hyrule is out!

I won’t praise this video as a masterpiece, but what I will say is this:

  • Warriors of Hyrule has a very deep storyline that will take two more videos to complete. This first video has several twists regarding characters, one major twist is based on one of my favorite games. The whole intention was to actually make a parody of a certain video game using Zelda Characters.
  • The pacing is much better this time, and while the video follows a script and a story, the way it’s presented makes it very funny due to so many random jokes. There is a little cursing, but most if not all of it is bleeped out. One curse word is visible using an upside down calculator gag.
  • The main characters from TL were given a much needed face lift and {their faces} look much better in this video. The new characters were drawn with more detail, and their appearance almost looks like they were drawn professionally.
  • The voice acting is much better this time. It’s also a lot clearer and easier to the ear, plus the viewer won’t find themselves trying to hear the character speak over the blasting music. The cool thing is, thanks to a special program we’ve bought, we can morph our voices to sound like anything. Link now has a teenage-sounding voice, which was achieved by simply raising the pitch to my own voice.

Long Time No Update

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December 27 – 2008

After no update from us, we must let you know that the game and a new video are both coming very soon, like REALLY SOON! Continue reading ‘Long Time No Update’

Stick Fantasy RPG – Coming VERY SOON!!!!

•November 14, 2008 • 4 Comments

First off, here is a video preview. If you’re viewing it from the blog, remember that this video is meant for the youtube audience, not here.

And now for more screenshots!


Upcoming Attractions UPDATE

•November 1, 2008 • 6 Comments

Well, let me show you something.

First, from the video, it’s Vire’s front design, originally from a pencil drawing courteously of Mario64Mario. I simply colored it up.

As for the game, well, remember the version you saw in the trailer? well, alot has changed.

The game now has:

  • A  kick ass battle system that resembles Chrono Trigger. The battles are much faster and are more challenging (an enemy can strike you more than once before you’re fully ready to attack) rather than being turn based (you attack, then the enemy attacks).
  • Better mapping – the maps have been polished thanks to my extra help with the mapping, and some places that were originally stale looking have new life!
  • 8 directional movement, including dashing!
  • Shadows – just a few cool lighting effect where Link casts a shadow almost anywhere he is standing due to surrounding light.
  • Unique Skills and attributes – in the beta version, the 4 links worked exactly the same, which was BORING! Now we have given each Link their own special talents and skills, even their own weapons.
  • Cutscenes – some use the game engine, others may use gifs that are from the Stick Fantasy videos.
  • Cameos by the creators – JMAP and I appear in the game, and we give you cool things. But you need to find us first.
  • Mini-games – there are several places in the game that contain mini-games.
  • Plenty of storyline twists – the first one is… gotchya!

Expect a video previewing this very soon. There are still a couple dungeons and several mini-places we need to complete, and there are still a few glitches we need to fix.

Coming Attractions VIDEO!!!!!!

•October 14, 2008 • 4 Comments

here is a short video containing footage from what is coming up!