Rules and Guidelines

There are a few rules in this blog. We’re not strict people, but we would like a few guidelines.

1.The swear level is going to be “PG-17.” What I mean by that is we allow basic swearing like, “I fucking love it!” but none that is directed towards anyone like “fuck you mutherfucking cunt!” Just use your best judgement, and don’t be a jackass.

2. In this blog try not to spam. If you want to contact us about site linking, head over to the Contact/Affiliation page and contact us!

3. Please be respectful and do not write stuff that YOU think is bad or would offend anyone. We’re not here to put people down. While a writer here may rant about something, it will not be directed towards a single person. EVER.

4. Give feedback. We won’t get offended by negative comments towards our work unless they do not have legitimate answers. We will not even bother with comments that say, “u suk loser lol!” We always want to know what people like and don’t like. So please, don’t be shy, speak up!

5. Follow rules 1 to 4.

6. Follow rules 1 to 4.

7. Enjoy your stay!


3 Responses to “Rules and Guidelines”

  1. hey jmap try my site the piller of autumnn Oh yeh on zelda heaven congrauts i saw you won the 1st contest

  2. Looks good. But I have a question. I can say “fuck” here, but I cant say something like “Your a sick fucker”?

  3. uh, hi Saint.

    To answer the question, say fuck all you want, just don’t call someone a fucker unless you’re provoked :P.

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