Stick Fantasy RPG Hints

If you’re having trouble with the game, the following hints may help you:

  • If the first few enemies are too powerful, remember to actually EQUIP your equipment for Link and other characters.
  • Do not give up in the forest area where there are invisible blocks that send you back, they are in fixed places, just remember where they are.
  • Do NOT sell the hammer, stave, and knife yet when you first see them in your item list, they are weapons that will be used by later characters.
  • Using the best armor possible is key to defeating the bosses.
  • Potions and other items that replenish your health and/or magic power are relatively expensive, HOWEVER, it is really easy to make big money by doing the following: collecting the many rupees strewn about the game, defeating enemies, looking under suspicious pots, winning the mini-games in the west part of the main village, and fishing. It takes a bit of patience to gain enough rupees, but you’ll need them.
  • SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!! Especially during the later half of the game, saving should be a necessity.
  • Many rooms are exactly like Zelda puzzles: rocks can be moved, sometimes enemies must be defeated in order to advance, and some rooms require switches.

If you have any more issues, please ask in the comment box below, or visit the Zelda Adventures forums.


One Response to “Stick Fantasy RPG Hints”

  1. Hey Jmap. I am one of Kale’s friends, I played this rpg before it was finished. I can’t get past the Navi forest though. Any tips?

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