Stick Fantasy Series


Click on the episode titles to view them on our website, but if you have problems with viewing it, you may go to the Youtube links below.

All Stick Fantasy videos are suitable for all ages.

====== Eleven Year Old Fantasy Series=====

Episode One – The New Adventure: Link decides he must find and destroy Mario, but he faces many obstacles, some coming from distant relatives.

Episode Two – Operation Mushroom Eater: After learning that Mario plans to steal the Triforce, Link’s gang and Mario’s gang finally square off in an 8-bit showdown.

======= Battle For Hyrule Trilogy========

Episode Three – Strange Occurrences: Seven Years after Operation Mushroom Eater, Link sets out to find and destroy the greater evil. But Strange things lurk within Hyrule Castle.

Episode Four – The Battle for Hyrule: Hyrule Castle is under attack! It’s up to Link to help defend the castle in an ultimate showdown against enemy forces.

Episode Five – Return of Link: In the aftermath of the events of Episode 3 and 4, Link sets out on a new quest to the Dark World.


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